Madrid, 23rd - 27th of June


IDS8 represents a great opportunity to get updated on the recent developments on dendrimer synthesis and applications. We are extremely proud to organize the upcoming IDS8, in Madrid. The first conference was organized in Frankfurt, Germany 1999 and since then the conference has toured the world: 2001 Tokyo, Japan; 2003 Berlin, Germany; 2005 Mount Pleasant, MI, USA; 2007 Toulouse, France; 2009 Stockholm, Sweden and 2011 Washinton, USA .

Dendrimers are monodisperse polymeric material with branched architecture. Over the last few decades dendrimers have developed into one on the most promising research area of the modern natural sciences and now dendrimers, dendritic polymers and hyperbranched architectures have found application in various fields including materials, catalysis, defense, energy, environmental remediation and biomedical applications to name a few. With the exponential growth of this field, with many groups pursuing dendrimer research all over the globe, researchers felt the need for a dedicated international symposium to bring multidisciplinary groups working with dendrimers together and discuss their research.

We are planning an attractive Scientific Programme where all areas of dendrimer research will be represented: General, Dendrimer Synthesis & Characterization, Hyperbranched Polymer Synthesis & Characterization, Biological Studies, Drug Delivery, Imaging, Computational Modeling and Databases, Novel Applications, Catalysis and Light Harvesting and Plenary .

In addition, Madrid offers all the touristic an amusing attractive of a modern European capital. Therefore, it would be a great pleasure to us if you could mark these dates in your agenda.

For further information, please contact:

Dra. Mª Angeles Muñoz-Fernández
Head Laboratorio InmunoBiología Molecular
Director HIV HGM BioBank
Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón
C/Dr. Esquerdo 46; 28007 Madrid, Spain
Web: Laboratorio de Inmunología Molecular